Caroline’s Monthly Letter – June 2019

Dear Friends,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but one day we’re all going to need a funeral. It’s not something we like to think about, but talking about it or planning doesn’t mean the inevitable time will come any sooner, in fact having plans in place can ease the burden of knowing what to do on your loved ones. My own father died suddenly, and my parents had never discussed any funeral plans. Knowing that we were doing what he wanted would have been a comfort at a traumatic time.

A good funeral can be a wonderful celebration of a person’s life, faith and hope, especially if that person has had input into the plans. I remember my family gathered around reading the Benedictus together as my uncle was lowered into the grave and then ending the wake at his house with fireworks (both at his request).

It’s much easier to think about those plans when we hope the event is decades or years away, rather than months or weeks, and everything is always easier with tea, cake and friends. I’ve booked the Old School, Guilsfield on Monday 8th July at 2pm for a chance to think about how we might like to be remembered. If you haven’t made your funeral plans please do come. I might even tell some amusing funeral anecdotes – clergy are notorious for them.

Best wishes,