Recent Events

Social Evening – 26th October 2018

A very enjoyable social evening was held in the Old School on Friday 26th October and a short narrative and pictures can be seen on the Social Evening – 26th October page.

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon – 28th September 2018

We held a very successful coffee afternoon in conjunction with Guilsfield Gets Together(formerly Forget-Me-Not Café) on Friday 28th September to raise money for McMillan Cancer Support. See here for more details, pictures and amount raised.

Joan Upton Holder’s Retirement Party – 16th September 2018

We held an afternoon tea Retirement Party for Joan on Sunday 16th September 2018; visit the Retirement Party page for a short report and pictures.

Safari Supper – 21st June 2018

For a report and pictures of the Safari Supper held on Midsummer’s Day visit the Safari Supper page.


On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 24th, 25th and 26th May, the Revd Bethan Scotford sang her way through all the psalms in the Bible’s Book of Psalms to raise funds for the ‘Guilsfield Church Heating Boiler Appeal’. This event raised approximately £1700. There are 150 psalms in the psalter, and they all vary in length. The shortest psalm, containing only two verses, is psalm 117, whilst psalm 119 contains 176 verses. The total number of verses from all the psalms amounts to 2,413.  Bethan will be chanting the psalms in English and in Welsh; some of the settings will be metrical  and others will be intoned.  A short video clip of Bethan singing can be see here:

The event was well supported with people attending on each of the days to follow the psalms and in some cases join in.  Tea, coffee, cakes and scones were served on the Saturday.

Experience Easter

We had an exciting and exhausting couple of days on Tuesday and Wednesday 20th – 21st March sharing the story of Easter with the children from Guilsfield School.  See Experience Easter 2018 for more information and pictures.

Seasonal Music Quiz Result.

A big thank you to everyone who bought copies of the Guilsfield Church Boiler Appeal Seasonal Music Quiz, which raised a total of £386 towards the cost of replacing the boiler.  The final result revealed that 3 out of the 56 sheets marked achieved 49 correct answers out of 50.  These were placed in unmarked envelopes and the prize winner drawn at the Church Hot Pot Supper on Saturday 27th January.  The correct answers and result can be found at the Boiler Appeal Christmas Quiz ANSWERS and Result Sheet.  42 out of the 50 questions were answered correctly on 50 or more sheets received and no question received less than 30% correct answers.  Copies of the correct answers can also be viewed in the Church or the village shop window.

Hot Pot Supper

A very successful Hot Pot Supper was held on Saturday 27th January and a short article and pictures can be found here.

Earlier Events

Articles on events held in 2017 can be found on the Event in 2017 page or following the links on the Past Events 2013-2017 page.