Evelyn Salusbury and Flt Lt John Owen

Evelyn Salusbury was the mother of both the Rachel Janet Owen who married Ion Trant and the John Samuel Owen,  killed in the RAF,  who was jointly memorialised with her.  The daughter was born in Los Angeles and the son in Florida.  What became of their father Edward Owen is not known but a year or so after the children’s birth the mother was living alone with them in Canada and had reverted to the surname Salusbury.  When Rachel Janet was born in 1912 they told the LA registrar that her mother’s maiden name was Stewart and that Edward Owen was a colliery agent born in Scotland.  Yet when John Samuel married,  just before he was shot down over France in 1940,  the wedding report named him as “only son of the late Mr & Mrs. E. Owen of Maesmawr Hall”.  It is not known when the Owen family came to Maesmawr.