Christmas Play – Family Service 21 December 2014

Members of the congregation performed a short play entitled ‘An Almost Correct Christmas Story’ at the Family, All-Age Worship Service on 21st December, which was greatly enjoyed by those attending.  Some photographs and video clips for the performance are below:

The Narrator standing in the pulpit sets the scene for each of the Scenes of the play

The Narrator sets the scene

Joseph is sitting on his bed listening to the Angel of the Lord telling him that his fiancee is going to have a baby

The Angel of the Lord tells Joseph that Mary is with child

The Four Kings have stopped on the road to Bethlehem and are discussing the gifts they are taking for the new born King

Four Kings are talking on the Road to Bethlehem about their gifts

Three shepherds are sat around a campfire with their sheep discussing the big star in the sky

Three shepherds sit around a campfire with their sheep

Three of the children from Rocky's Plaice dressed up as sheep for the scene 'Out in the fields'

Three sheep ‘Out in the Fields’

Mary is holding the baby Jesus watched by Joseph, the Kings and the Shepherds in the 'Inside the Stable' scene

Mary holding the baby Jesus with Joseph, the Kings and Shepherds

The Angel of the Lord has come the stable holding a large lamb bone to see the baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph as the Kings, shepherds and sheep look on

The Stable scene with Mary, Joseph, the Kings, Shepherds and Angel of the Lord