The latest list of giving by Guilsfield Church is at Donations in 2017.

For giving by Guilsfield Church in 2106 see Church Giving 2016

Please see Poster of donations in 2015 for the donations to charity made by Guilsfield Church in 2015.

Please see Church Giving 2014 for the donations to charity made by Guilsfield Church in 2014.

Please see Donations in 2013 for the giving by Guilsfield Church in 2013.

Guilsfield Church gave away in 2012:

–      Embrace the Middle East. (Works with children in Israel and Palestine)              £500

–      Spotlight on Guilsfield                                                                                                     £100

–      British Legion Poppy Appeal                                                                                         £600

–      Crisis at Christmas. (Help for the homeless in our cities)                                         £200

–      WaterAid  Clean water for rural Africa                                                                       £200

–      Hope House Hospice                                                                                                      £250

–      Severn Hospice                                                                                                               £250

–      UNICEF Syrian Appeal                                                                                                 £500

Our total giving for 2012:                                                                                                   £2600

This is 5% of our total receipts for this year, and more than we have ever given away before. Please help us to do even better next year.