Gift Direct

If you would like to give regularly to Guilsfield Church follow the instructions below:

1) Click on this link to go directly to the Church in Wales Gift Direct page:

2) Towards the bottom of that page, under the heading GIFT DIRECT ONLINE there is a short list of 4 bullet points, the first of which is TO START GIVING TO YOUR PARISH.

3) Clicking on that heading takes you directly to a very short form the would be donor can fill in with their contact details. The Church in Wales will then contact them directly to complete set up payments in a secure manner.

And to answer the questions that are often asked:

Yes, all the money you give goes to the church you nominate (in our case St Aelhaiarn’s, Guilsfield), not the diocese or MA.

And so does all the Gift Aid if you are a tax payer.

But, no, you don’t have to pay tax to use Gift Direct.

You can end a Gift Direct arrangement at any time you choose.

And finally, you can also index-link your Gift Direct payment so it rises in line with the Retail Price Index once a year so your gift maintains its value as the years go by.