Caroline’s Monthly Letter – February 2020

Dear Friends,

Over the last couple of Februarys I have been getting a number of hoax phone calls, claiming variously to be from Microsoft wanting to fix my computer, my (un-named) bank, and most troubling of all HMRC with a warrant for my arrest for non-payment of tax. I know my tax is in order – but can imagine that call would be very frightening for many people, especially those who may have had to recently take over someone else’s affairs due to illness or bereavement. Sometimes I’ve had several calls in the same day.

We’ve all heard warnings about such callers, but I suspect most of us, like me, have assumed that they always happen to someone else, somewhere else, surely no-one would bother to call us in a small village in the Welsh borders, but with modern autodialling software vast numbers of calls can be made, and our remoteness no longer offers any protection.

Jesus told his disciples to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. In this situation wisdom means never pressing any numbers that they ask you to on your phone, checking before you tell them anything at all that any callers can tell you your name and full address. If you are unsure about any unexpected call never be afraid to put the phone straight down. Please remind any friends and neighbours to be wise.

With Every Blessing,