Events in 2020

Open the Book – Monday 9th March

The cast of the Open the Book story of 'Joseph the Ruler'We continued with the story of Joseph with a performance of ‘Joseph the Ruler’, a tale of Joseph being released from prison and interpreting the King’s dream, the famine in Egypt and forgiving his brothers for what they did to him.  Finally, he becomes reconciled with his family and they join him in Egypt where the King has made him a very important person.  We were again joined by ten children from the school to play the parts of most of Joseph’s brothers.

Open the Book – Monday 10th February

The Open the Book Group were back in Guilsfield School on Monday to perform the first part of the story of Joseph called ‘Joseph the Dreamer’.  Ten children of various age groups took part to make up the extra brothers and very much enjoyed tearing the multi-coloured coat of Joseph and throwing him in to the well.  At the end of February’s performance Joseph had been imprisoned in Egypt, so leaving the leaving the children with a cliffhanger ahead of March’s performance when the story of Joseph will be continued; what will become of him!

Open the Book – Monday 13th January

On Monday 13th January we performed the first bible story of the new term at Guilsfield School.  The story was called ‘God’s Friend’ and tells us about Abraham trusting in God when he tells Abraham to move from Haran to Canaan and Abraham and his wife Sarah being granted a son, even though they were very old.  When the child was born there was much joy and laughter.   So the boy was called ‘Isaac’ which means ‘laughter’.

Easter Tree Competition

Why not have a go at making your own Easter Tree or Easter Garden (can be large or small) and post a photo on the Guilsfield Church Facebook page or send a copy to  Small prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category.  See the Easter Competition Poster for further details.  Due to the current situation we will not be putting up posters, so do please let your friends and neighbours know about the competition.  Entries can be viewed on the Competition page.

Mothering Sunday

A Mothering Sunday Homily.

Bell-ringing and Choir

All bell-ringing and choir practices are cancelled until further notice.

Lent Groups

Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Lent Lunches

Cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Annual Vestry Meeting – Monday 30th March

The Church Committee Annual Vestry Meeting will be held in the Old School at 7:00pm on Monday 30th March.  All church members welcome to attend; it is at this meeting that we elect the church’s lay officers for the forthcoming year and review the last year’s accounts.

Mission Area Annual Vestry Meeting – Monday 20th April

The Annual Vestry Meeting of the Mission Area will be held at Pool Quay church on Monday 20th April at 7:30pm.  Church members from any of the churches in the Mission Area are welcome to attend. – cancelled

250 Club Winners – January 2020

The February 250 Club winners can be found at 250 Club winners Feb 2020.

Breathing Space Service

We have started a new kind of service on the Third Thursday evening each month starting at 8:00pm, particularly aimed at people who don’t find that traditional church services help them to encounter the Divine. Breathing Space will allow us time to step back from the busyness of life and spend time reflecting on a theme. The format will be welcome and opening prayer, a short bible reading and introduction to the theme, recorded music will play while we interact with an assortment of “prayer stations” eg lighting a candle, writing or drawing a response (anonymously!) or simply sit and ponder. A priest will be available for prayers and anointing for healing. When we have all returned to our seats we will conclude by saying the Lord’s Prayer together & the priest will bless us. It will probably last about 30-45 minutes. – cancelled until further notice

‘Guilsfield Gets Together’

The Dementia Friendly Guilsfield monthly ‘Guilsfield Gets Together’ café is held on the first Friday of the month from 10:00am to 11:30 am.  Come along on the first Friday of the month for this opportunity to have a cup of team or coffee and meet up with friends and neighbours.  All welcome; please do come along to the Old School and enjoy the cakes; £2 per person. – cancelled until further notice