Dementia Friendly Guilsfield

‘Forget-Me-Not’ Café

The first Dementia-Friendly Guilsfield ‘Forget-Me-Not’ Café of the new year will be held this Friday, 26th January, 2-4pm in the Old School. Why not come along and have a cup of coffee or tea and piece of cake and enjoy a chat with friends.

Monthly Cafe on 22nd December

Father Christmas stops outside at the Dementia Friendly Cafe

Singing Carols at the Coffee Afternoon on 22nd December











Dementia Friendly Guilsfield held their monthly cafe in the afternoon on Friday 22nd December.  As well as enjoying coffee, tea and mince pies, the customers also had great fun singing a selection of traditional Christmas Carols.  Not only were they then treated to a visit by Father Christmas who pulled up outside on his sleigh drawn by Rudolph on an old grey Fergy tractor but also received a little gift of a small bag containing traditional stocking presents of a satsuma, liquorice catherine wheel and a sugar mouse.

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