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About Us

Dementia Friendly Guilsfield is working towards raising awareness of the needs of people with dementia and their carers living in our community.  We hold a Forget-me-not Community Café (now called Guilsfield Gets Together) in the Old School every month with lovely cakes – come along and chat, everyone welcome.  There are memory boxes for people to talk about at the Café and to borrow.  Guilsfield Gets Together is currently suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Lunch Club, Mothers’ Union and Spotlight have completed the one-hour Dementia Friends session to raise awareness in their organisations, and there have been sessions for interested individuals as well.  If you would like to know more about these sessions, please get in touch.  We are hoping to reach most village clubs, organisations and businesses.

Guilsfield Gets Together Café in 2020

On Friday 7th February we held the second Guilsfield Gets Together of 2020.  After a poor attendance in January, perhaps not too surprising for so early in the new year, a good group got together in the Old School for coffee, cake and a chat, a few of whom can be seen here.  Do come along and support your regular local Dementia Friendly village event.

Guilsfield Gets Together in September

A good crowd got together for cake and a chat on Friday 6th September.  Don’t forget that next month’s Guilsfield Gets Together on Friday 4th October will be combined with a Macmillan Coffee Morning; please do come along and support this excellent cause and, of course, enjoy the cakes.

Home-Made Ice Cream at Get Together Café

There was a special treat at our Guilsfield Gets Together Café on Friday 2nd August 2019 when, in addition to the normal selection of cakes and courtesy of Caroline, there was also the option to have home-made ice cream, instead of or as well as, in some cases, cake.  There was a variety of flavours to choose from, including:  rhubarb and custard and lemon yoghurt.  Needless to say these went down very well.

Get Together Café on 2nd May

A good crowd at the Guilsfield Gets Together Cafe on 2nd MayAnother good crowd for coffee and cake at Guilsfield Gets Together on Friday 2nd May.  We even ran out of cake; better planning next time.

St David’s Day – Guilsfield Gets Together Coffee Morning

Enjoying the Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes at the St David's Day Guilsfield Gets Together Coffee Morning with daffodils on the table and a Welsh flag on the wallGuilsfield Gets Together has now moved to the morning and as the first Friday of March was 1st March, St David’s Day, our coffee morning just had to have a Welsh theme.  It was very well attended and there were Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes to eat to go with the tea and coffee.  The Welsh theme continued with daffodils on the tables and Welsh flags; we celebrated by singing the Welsh National Anthem.  This all made for a very cheerful atmosphere, which was enjoyed by all.

Guilsfield Gets Together – 21st December

As well as enjoying the tea, coffee and cakes at our Guilsfield Gets Together on Friday 21st December, we all enjoyed singing some Christmas Carols, including ‘ Silent Night, Holy Night’, ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and ‘Away in a Manger’; with many thanks to Bethan for playing the piano for us.

Guilsfield Gets Together – 23rd November

At Guilsfield Gets Together on Friday 23rd November, in addition to the tea or coffee and wonderful cakes, we had great fun making Christmas tree decorations.

Caroline and Caroline making Christmas tree decorations

Enjoying a chat over tea, coffee and cakes.

Seven Small Actions.  One Big Difference

From the Alzheimer’s Society, there are seven actions that came up most often in their research among people affected by dementia.  They are simple actions we can all take in our everyday lives which, while they might seem small, will have a big impact.  See Actions Speak Louder than Words.

‘Forget-Me-Not’ Café (now ‘Guilsfield Gets Together’)

The Dementia Friendly Guilsfield monthly ‘Forget-Me-Not’ Café has been renamed ‘Guilsfield Gets Together’.  All welcome; please do come along to the Old School and enjoy the cakes; £2 per person.

“Guilsfield Gets Together’ will be held monthly on the first Friday of the month and has now moved to the morning 10:00 – 11:30am in the Old School. Why not come along and have a cup of coffee or tea and piece of cake and enjoy a chat with friends.

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon – Friday 28th September

The Church held a very successful coffee afternoon in conjunction with Guilsfield Gets Together(formerly Forget-Me-Not Café) on Friday 28th September to raise money for McMillan Cancer Support. See here for more details, pictures and amount raised.

Pictures from Café on Fri 29th June

Seaside Holiday Memory Box open and showing contents, including bucket, flags and I-Spy book.

Seaside Holiday Memory Box Contents

Seaside Holiday Memory Box showing outside decorated with seaside scenes.

Seaside Holiday Memory Box

Forget-Me-Not Café on Fri 29th June

First Café of 2018

The first ‘Forget-Me- Not Café of 2018 was held on Friday 26th January.  The company and chocolate cake was enjoyed by friends of all ages and someone even ran 17 miles to join us.  The first of the memory boxes: ‘School Days’ was on display but more suitable items are still required to complete this; we plan to develop more of these on different subjects over the coming months.  These will be available to borrow.

Customers at the Forget-me-not Cafe on 28th Jan

Forget-me-not Cafe on 26th Jan

The first memory box with items from schooldays.

The first memory box – Schooldays

Monthly Café on 22nd December

Father Christmas stops outside at the Dementia Friendly Cafe

Singing Carols at the Coffee Afternoon on 22nd December

Dementia Friendly Guilsfield held their monthly cafe in the afternoon on Friday 22nd December.  As well as enjoying coffee, tea and mince pies, the customers also had great fun singing a selection of traditional Christmas Carols.  Not only were they then treated to a visit by Father Christmas who pulled up outside on his sleigh drawn by Rudolph on an old grey Fergy tractor but also received a little gift of a small bag containing traditional stocking presents of a satsuma, liquorice catherine wheel and a sugar mouse.

North and Mid Powys Newsletter

Also see DFC Newsletter6 North and Mid Powys for further information on Dementia Friendly events in North and Mid Powys.  For more information from the Alzheimer’s Society visit their website at