Experience Easter 2018

We had an exciting and exhausting couple of days on Tuesday and Wednesday 20th – 21st March sharing the story of Easter with the children from Guilsfield School.

A black material 'path' strewn with 'palms' leading to a cairn of stones to which the children added their hopes written on cardboard stones

Experience Easter Station 1 – Hopes and Dreams

Bowl and jug of water for enactment of washing of feet

Experience Easter Station 2 – Servant King


The Story was divided into six parts with an action or response for the children for each part.  The final part was the story of the Resurrection and the final response was to tell us how they thought the women who went to the Tomb on that first Easter Sunday morning would have felt.  Among their answers were:  amazed, astonished, surprised, shocked, confused, happy, joyful, scared, frightened and paralysed with fear.  The children seemed to instinctively understand that this was an experience that made the women uneasy.

A table laid with plates and a candle for enactment of the Last Supper

Experience Easter Station 3 – Remember Me

A display of house plants in the Lady Chapel to represent the Garden of Gethsemane

Experience Easter Station 4 – Alone






We shared the story with approximately 125 children ranging in age from 4 to 11 years old.  At each station, the children responded actively to the things to do and reflect upon and generally seemed to enjoy the Experience.  On leaving the church each of the children was offered an angel-shaped biscuit, which, needless to say, most of them took.

A large wooden cross draped in red ribbons

Experience Easter Station 5 – Sorrows and Suffering

A pop-up tent covered in a grey cloth to represent the tomb with a grey cardboard stone across the entrance

Experience Easter Station 6 – Ressurection