Social Evening – 26th October 2018

On Friday 28th October we held a most enjoyable social evening with entertainment.  The event was very well attended and, after a good meal of shepherds’ pie or chicken pie with baked potato and garden peas, with bread and butter, and followed by a choice of sweets and cheese and biscuits, the entertainment began.  First Bethan’s music group, calling themselves ‘the 3rd Age Ensemble’ treated us to a performance of well-known music and songs finishing off with a sing song for all to join in.  Finally, JJ, Yvette and Ian performed an amusing one-act play ‘A Family Affair’ which resulted in much laughter.  The whole evening was hugely enjoyed by all those attending and, together with the raffle, raised £500 for Church Funds.

The results and answers for the Food Quiz were announced during the evening and raised a further £80.  The answers to the quiz can be found at Food Quiz Answers.   The quiz was won by Barbara Bird with 21 correct answers out of 25; there were also two completed entries with 20 correct answers well; done to all those who took part.