Caroline’s Monthly Letter – September 2018

Dear Friends,

I read this week that “Spring arrives of an evening, and autumn of a morning” The mornings certainly seem to be taking longer to warm up. There are signs of change around about us, there’s the unique quality of sunlight in late summer, and as the year wanes, our gratitude for any fine weather increases.

As the fruits ripen we are reminded of God’s bountiful provision for us, and as we are surrounded by reminders of our own mortality, watching the leaves falling I certainly find myself reflecting on what changes, or resolutions I need to make, in order that I become more fully the person God has created me to be.

My thoughts at this time of year are eloquently expressed by Dag Hammarskjöld (a Swedish diplomat, the second United Nations Secretary-General, and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient):

“For all that has been – Thanks. For all that shall be – Yes.”

This year we have an additional celebration. On 16th we shall be having a party to celebrate Joan’s retirement after a lifetime’s faithful service playing the organ in churches most Sundays since she was about 8. Please sign up on the sheet in church if you are able to join us, so we get the catering right.

With every blessing,