Caroline’s Monthly Letter – October 2017

Dear Friends,

Last week we lost most of our outdoor tomato crop to blight – we picked them one evening and by the following night they had all started to go brown. We were immensely disappointed.

As I write I’m waiting for builders to come to re-model the fireplace in the vicarage so we can have a cosy log burner. replacing the gas fire that sends all its heat straight up the chimney. We’re very much looking forward to the finished result but it’s going to create several days of dust, noise and chaos to get there, which we’re much less keen on.

Both of these disruptions are incredibly mild in the grand scheme of things – tomatoes are readily available’ in the shops, and the builders will be gone almost as soon as they’ve arrived (although painting the chimney breast may take me a while).

Recently our news has been filled with people who have lost everything including loved ones’ lives, in the chaos of natural disasters, and in the awful consequences of man’s inhumanity to man. Although other stories are now filling our headlines, they are still suffering, trying to rebuild their lives. Please continue to pray for them, and if you are able to be generous to charities that provide support (eg Christian Aid) please do so.

With Every Blessing,