Caroline’s Monthly Letter – November 2016

Dear Friends,

I am delighted that the Church in Wales has decided to extend the invitation to receive Communion to everyone who has been baptised in the name of the Trinity from the first Sunday of Advent (27th November).

At the Last Supper, Jesus took bread and wine, gave thanks for them and said to his disciples, ‘This is my Body, this is my Blood’. He commanded them to take bread and wine, give thanks over them and consecrate them, and then to eat and drink them in remembrance of him. This is what we do in the Eucharist. We believe that, in this unique way, just as he promised, Jesus comes to us and this is food for our spiritual journey,

We believe that God calls us all into fellowship with Jesus and with each other. All are welcome at his table, whether we are taking our first steps of faith or have been part of the church family for some time. We want everyone to know God’s welcome, whoever they are and at whatever time they are ready.

So, if you are baptised and want to try to follow Jesus with us, you are part of our Christian family and you are welcome to receive communion. Children who are baptised are also welcome to take part in a way that is appropriate for them. We will be very pleased if you join with us in this and are delighted to make you welcome.

With Every Blessing,