Caroline’s Monthly Letter – March 2017

Dear Friends,

Have you got a bible that is gathering dust on the shelf because you’re not sure where to start reading it? It’s – not surprising we can find ”The Bible” confusing. It is actually a complex library of books of history, gospel, poetry, prophecy, letters, proverbs, and apocalyptic literature, written over a period of about 1000 years nearly 2000 years ago.

Our 2017 Lent Course aims to help us understand the bible.  The theme is Growing in Scripture In 5 sessions we will explore an overview of the Old and New Testaments.

Session 1 From Abraham to Joshua:

Thursday 2nd March 7.30-9pm or Wednesday 8th March 2-3.30pm

Session 2 From Joshua to the exile:

Wednesday 15th March 2-3.30pm or Thursday 16th March 7.30-9pm.

Session 3 From The Exile to John the Baptist:

Wednesday 22nd March 2-3.30pm or Thursday 23rd March 7.30-9pm.

Session 4 Understanding the New Testament:

Wednesday 29th March 2-3.30pm or Thursday 30th March 7.30-9pm.

Session 5 -Heading the bible today:

Wednesday 5th ApriI 2-3.30pm or Thursday 6th April 7.30-9pm.

Wednesday afternoons at the Vicarage, off Cemetery Lane, Guilsfield, Thursday evenings at Pool Quay Church.

All Welcome; Especially if you’ve never opened a bible before.  Please sign up in church so I have a rough idea of how many handouts to print

Best wishes,