Caroline’s Monthly Letter – July 2018

Dear Friends,

There has been a lot of coverage in the news lately about the problem of plastic contamination of the environment, and especially its impact on marine wildlife. When this was front page news for a week or so, I noticed that Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets probably did the same) priced loose carrots & onions 5p per kilo less than their plastic wrapped 1 kg-packs. This week, now the newspaper headlines are no longer on the front page I noticed that the price of loose vegetables and plastic packed was the same. Supermarkets will tell us that they sell what customers want &. customers prefer plastic wrapped. We of course will say that they’ve never asked me, but every time we choose the convenience of the pre-pack that is what they hear. Until enough of us are really awkward & refuse to use the plastic bags for loose veg they won’t offer us paper bags.

What has this to do with religion you might ask. Christians believe that the whole world was created and proclaimed to be good by God, In Genesis we’re told that God’s first command to humanity was “Fill the earth and subdue it” – not destroy it, or wipe out everything else. The world belongs to God, who will hold us accountable for how we treat it-so be an awkward customer for his sake.

Best wishes,