Caroline’s Monthly Letter – January 2019

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year

I must begin by thanking everyone who helped to make our Christmas celebrations so special, those who decorated the church, cooked and baked treats, organised both church services and social gatherings, musicians, singers, readers, washer-uppers and cleaners, those who have donated time, effort (and money!), and those who have come along to worship with us, or attend concerts and events, and show your support. Thank you.

As the year turns many of us make new year’s resolutions. What changes do we need to make to our lives and behaviours to help us to flourish in the changing world around us? The rise of right – wing populism around us seems to make 2019 feel like it’s going to be a dark and difficult year. The world feels broken and divided.

I’ve been a member of an international internet community for 17 years (long before social media was invented), On the site people passionately debate, and disagree, about politics, theology, & current affairs. Elsewhere on the site you can find the same people who are bitter political opponents sharing a love of literature, or model railways, chatting about what was on TV last night, sharing stories. arranging to meet up and praying for one another. That ability to disagree but not divide seems to be fragile in our society today.

We need to recover that ability to remember all that we share in common, and to pray for one another, to remember that we are all created in the image of God.

With every blessing,