Caroline’s Monthly Letter – February 2019

Dear Friends,

February begins with the celebration of the Christ child being presented in the temple, where he is recognised not by the learned Priests and Temple officials but by two elderly people, Simeon and Anna, who were watching and waiting faithfully, coming to the temple each day without giving up hope that God’s promises would be fulfilled’ in their lifetime.

Presumably God could have chosen to reveal who the child was to some of the “dynamic” younger folk who would doubtlessly also have been found within the Temple precincts, but he didn’t – he chose to use Simeon and Anna. It seems God, unlike our society today values old age and patient waiting and recognises the value of a lifetime of faithfulness.

Advance notice: Lent Groups will meet on Monday Afternoons or Thursday evenings in Lent. Studies will be based on Les Miserables (so watch the TV series -It’s excellent!).

With every blessing,