Caroline’s Monthly Letter – August 2018

Dear Friends,

I am about as disinterested in football as the most avid fan is interested, and so I did not watch any of the recent world cup. However even I am aware that we got knocked out of a previous soccer tournament on penalties – and that the chap that missed the penalty was called Gareth Southgate.

I did notice one photo from World cup which stands out. It was taken when England defeated Columbia by penalties. As the English crowds celebrations rang throughout the stadium and their coach’s bench Gareth Southqate went to console the player who had missed the penalty, as only he could, fully understanding what the player was going through because he himself had been there.

That is what God in Christ calls us to share with the world- A God who understands what it is to be human, because he has been here, offering healing wholeness and new possibilities to those of us who have previously missed the goal.

With every blessing,