Caroline’s Monthly Letter – April 2018

Dear Friends,

We’ve had an exciting and exhausting couple of days sharing the story of Easter with the children from Guilsfield School.

The story was divided into six parts with an action or response for the children for each part. The final part was obviously the story of the resurrection, and the final response was to tell us how they thought the women who went to the Tomb on that first Easter Sunday morning felt. Some of the children’s answers made me realise how much we take the story for granted, as it is so familiar to us. Among their answers were: amazed, astonished, surprised, shocked, confused, happy, joyful, scared, frightened, paralysed with fear. The children seemed to instinctively understand that this was an experience that made the women uneasy – especially by the anqels’ instruction to go and tell the others that Jesus was alive, without having seen him for themselves. Would they have been believed? Or thought to be foolish and hysterical? The whole experience would have been deeply disconcerting. Perhaps that’s why when he does appear the Risen Christ’s greeting is Peace be with you, do not be afraid.

May he give you his peace, and his confidence to share the good news of his resurrection this Easter.

Enormous thanks to everyone who helped with Experience Easter.

Best wishes,